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In today’s business environment, marketing research has become essential to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Cube Research has made its mark in turning data into intelligence so that our clients can continue to excel in their markets. Cube can be your one stop shop for all your marketing research needs.

Track & measure your
market share
Define your market segments
Measure your customers' emotions towards your brand
Evaluate your promotional campaigns' impact
Track & measure your employees' satisfaction
Track your customers' satisfaction
Assess the potential market for your new products & services
Track the evolution of your corporate brand & image
Analyse the price elasticity of your products & services
quantitative RESEARCH? qualitative? we've got you covered.

Research methodologies


Telephone surveys

When it comes to telephone surveys, no project is too small or too large. We partner with the best when it comes to phone interviews: best-in-class multilingual interviewing staff and strict quality and monitoring standards.

Online surveys

With the rise of mobile computing, the number of devices on which an online survey may be accessed has grown considerably. Our online surveys are programmed using industry leading technologies and are optimized for desktop as well as mobile devices. Furthermore, the data is stored right here, in Canada. Whether you have your own list of clients to survey or need us to provide online respondents, we can help!

SMS surveys

SMS surveys are ideal to ask your customers a small number of simple and straightforward questions. A growing number of people answer surveys using their mobile phones and since SMS are so easy to use, it’s an interesting alternative to reach your customers quickly.


Focus groups

Cube can be your one stop shop for your focus group needs. We have partners across the country with state of the art facilities. Our focus groups are conducted by experienced and bilingual moderators – therefore eliminating the need to deal with multiple moderators and ensuring a consistency across the various groups.

In-depth interviews

Need to deep-dive on a topic or get an in-depth understanding of key issues? Our bilingual researchers can conduct in-depth interviews with various types of respondents, whether employees, customers or high-level executives. We have a proven track record to get to the bottom of things! Our in-depth interviews can be conducted in professional qualitative facilities, or on-site, where the respondent actually is.

Online communities (MROC)

Market Research Online Communities are a great way to delve into consumers’ perceptions, opinions and ideas using specialised online platforms that replicate familiar social media environments. Often used as an alternative to focus groups, our bilingual researchers can lead participants through exercises and discussions that will provide you with insights on the topics you wish to explore.

Research is our passion and we are fortunate to work with outstanding companies and brands. New collaborations are exciting, so go ahead, contact us!
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